Business Integration Bureau is the company holding of
Service Horizon and The Referral Database SA

We have an obsession with quality, therefore, we are hard to beat!

Although we are a one-stop business shop for every start-up or new venture that wants to make a success. Also, we give advice and help everyone with innovative solutions. Furthermore, all our companies are ready to assist you to reach your goals to achieve success!

Soon we will convert to an Incubator!

After this, every start-up will have an accelerator to help them grow!

Lastly to help us grow faster and to assist better, more efficiently would you send us funds to put to good use?

Holdings of

Select a funding amount!

All funds will be applied to the cause of businesses, entrepreneurs and skills development all around South Africa.

Funds are monthly debited!

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Level Price  
Donation - Level 9 R 25.00 per Month. Select
Donation - Level 8 R 50.00 per Month. Select
Donation - Level 7 R 100.00 per Month. Select
Donation - Level 6 R 250.00 per Month. Select
Donation - Level 5 R 500.00 per Month. Select
Donation - Level 4 R 1,000.00 per Month. Select
Donation - Level 3 R 2,500.00 per Month. Select
Donation - Level 2 R 5,000.00 per Month. Select
Donation - Level 1 R 10,000.00 per Month. Select
VIP R 25,000.00 per Month. Select

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