Funds are used for this developments nationwide

SME Funding

Small and Medium Enterprise funding will become available once there are enough funds for 5 small businesses.

This will be available to Partners of Business Integration Bureau only.

All candidates & all business aspects will be evaluated before allocation of funds.

All aspects of the business will be supervised and monitored once the funds are allocated to the business trust account.

The funds will be proportionally allocated to high risk departments.

Skills Development

All staff will be evaluated for their respective job role to determine if they are competent in their position of capacity.

There after training will be conducted to equip all staff with required adequate skills.

Every CEO, CFO, COO and all Management will be required to attend and complete the Legal Liability Training as required by law.

Department Management are required to attend their respective department training conducted.

Student Bursaries

Bursaries will be assigned to goal driven, ambitious and less fortunate candidates.

All candidates will be nominated, assessed and selected by the contributor of the bursary.

All further enrollments, management and support will be conducted by Business Integration Bureau with a quarterly report.

Technological Enhancements

New technology will be research, designed, developed and improved to enable innovative modern lifestyle.

The new technology will be implemented to businesses where required to improve business performance, quality of products and to distribute workload equally.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment

Business Integration Bureau will at all times encourage, support and empower driven entrepreneurs to become assets to South Africa.

Development in skills, ethics, leadership, management, business law requirements and not limited to will be conducted.

Extensive Marketing Systems Development

Different marketing strategies will be developed and improved overtime to ensure businesses obtain a rock solid marketing plan.

This will be under constant assessment and reports will be filed to determinate a better marketing approach to convert leads to sales.

Advanced Business Software Development

Business operations related software will be developed by expert engineers to enable fast and effective management.

Software: Staff Management, Stock Management, Financial Management, HR Relations, Location Management and Marketing and Brand Management.