New Venture – Damukra

New Venture – Damukra

10th September 2019 1 By Business Integration Bureau

Business Integration Bureau and Service Horizon is working together to start this amazing new Startup to flourish!

Damukra is a clothing brand on its own but, their platform is designed to help other startup brands to pick up speed together with Damukra as they progress towards success.

This is an amazing opportunity for startup brands to market and get their brands known to the world!

Damukra will be shipping all the products in their store worldwide within the next 3 months.

Because of Damukra's very well presented business model it is said that Damukra will be the first of its kind to help other startup brands to flourish together with their own growth!

We have given thumbs up for Service Horizon to start developing their amazing platform.
We allocated funds for Damukra's startup and we have established a very good marketing campaign for Damukra to help their other brands to flourish with them.

Keep an eye out for our blog posts about Damukra's progression!